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How to Find the Best Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets in PhoenixIf you’re looking for high-quality kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. However, before you begin your search, consider the following factors: styles, finishes, and price range factors. These factors will help you narrow your options and find the right dealer.

Price range

Kitchen cabinet installation is costly, and getting quotes from at least two contractors is imperative. Ask them about warranties and guarantees and whether they require licenses and permits. You also want to talk to past clients. The best pros will gladly provide references.

Prices for kitchen cabinet installation vary depending on the size and design. Typically, homeowners pay about $4,000 to $9,000 for installation. This price range is lower for prefabricated units than for customized units. In addition, prefabricated units save time and labor, as they come with predesigned layouts.


You can find a wide selection of quality kitchen cabinets in Phoenix at Authentic Custom Cabinetry. These cabinets are an excellent investment for your home and will provide many years of service. When selecting your new cabinets, you should consider the thickness and material of the cabinets. Choosing cabinets with 3/4″ plywood shelving is essential because it won’t bow or sag under heavy loads. You’ll also want to consider your budget when purchasing kitchen cabinets.

Look for quality hardware in your kitchen cabinets. The hardware includes hinges and drawer slides. The hardware should be sturdy and durable. A particle board is an economical option.


If you’re planning a remodel, there are two main choices when choosing new kitchen cabinets in Phoenix: traditional or modern. Modern cabinets feature clean lines, sleek designs, and European-style sheet glass. On the other hand, traditional cabinets feature raised panels and decorative molding. Both of these styles can enhance the look of your kitchen while adding historical appeal. Depending on the type you choose, these options can match or contrast with your existing decor.

When looking at kitchen cabinet styles in Phoenix, make sure to take your home’s decor into account. You can opt for a traditional, modern, or transitional style. You’ll find many different types to match your home’s decor. Also, remember to look at the fittings and hardware. Many people need to pay more attention to these details when purchasing new kitchen cabinets.


The finish of your kitchen cabinets is vital when renovating your kitchen. Different finishes can emphasize various aspects of a cabinet, such as its color or texture. Some wood types are better suited for staining or painting, while others look great with a clear or semi-gloss finish. Other options include burnishing or distressing to give the illusion of aged or antiqued wood. Each type of finish provides a unique look for your space.

Choosing the right finish can drastically change the look of a kitchen. It can transform the space from old and tired to hip and contemporary. You can take a few steps to achieve a trendy new look for your kitchen. One option is to switch your cabinets from painted surfaces to stains. For example, if you have a solid white cabinet, you can sand it down to the original wood finish, stain it, and seal it with a gloss finish. You can also glaze a freshly stained cabinet.