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Ways To Renovate an Old House The Right Way

old houseRenovating a house is an alternative to having a dream home. Instead of buying a new house at a higher price, you can buy an old house and renovate it to your liking. But, do not carelessly do it. If wrong, you can make the former house worse. Therefore, you must know how to renovate an old house to make it look fresher.

With the continued increase in house and land prices, buying a used house and then renovating it has become a trend to get a dream home. A used house doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice and comfortable home. Check out the following home renovation tips and home renovation processes to turn a used house into your dream home!

Old Home Renovation Process You Can Try

The steps for renovating old homes are not too different from home renovations in general. The difference is, that you may have to make choices about the old materials or materials and the transfer of functions of various rooms when renovating a house.

For more details, see the process of remodeling a house below.

Check the Condition and Overall Design of the House

The first way is to check the overall condition of the house. The condition of the old house is usually rickety and there are fragile parts. By checking the condition of the house from every angle, then you know whether it is still in good condition or has been damaged.

Check the floor, walls, support posts, to the furniture inside. If the wall is cracked, you should immediately repair it. Likewise for the pillars and floors. Why must that part be first?

Because its function in keeping the house strong is the main reason. Don’t even think about replacing the furniture first but delaying repairing the walls, floors, and support posts.

In addition to checking the condition of the house, make sure you also check the overall design of the house. Pay attention to whether the condition of the previous house applied a style, such as a minimalist home, or not. By knowing the initial design of a house, you can just follow the initial design which can speed up and make home renovations easier.

Check Old Materials That Can Still Be Used

Can the old material still be used? If you can, then just use it. Do not let you even try to replace all the materials because the impression is not a renovation.

When the demolition process turns out there are materials that can be reused, take advantage of them. For example, window frames, ceramics, to doors. In addition to being faster in the renovation, it is cost-effective too.

Determine the Renovation Priority Scale

This one step is very important for those of you who have limited funds. You may still be unable to renovate all the parts of your house. Therefore, you must make a priority scale when doing renovations.

To help you determine priorities, you can use a measure of how often a room is used. Rooms such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom, you can prioritize first because they will be used very often.

You can prioritize on paper to understand which ones to repair and buy. You can also find out which ones should be postponed first. Also, calculate the estimated costs that will have to be spent so that you can prepare the funds. One example is when you want to also install a canopy when renovating, you should also need to know how to calculate the Hollow Iron requirement for the canopy.

Replace Old Furniture with New

If there is furniture that is already very ugly and cannot be reused, you can immediately replace it with a new one. If it can be modified so that it can be used again, don’t hesitate to do that. The choice is in your hand. Do you want to replace it with a new one or just repair it? If you want to get maximum results, then replacing it with a new one is the most appropriate choice.

Changing Space Functions

Bringing a new atmosphere is indeed the main goal of renovating an old house. This can be achieved by changing the function of the space. If there is a division of space that does not fit, then do not hesitate to replace it.

For example, the living room is too broad. Instead of letting it be too broad but rarely used, it’s better to cut some of it to be used as a family room or children’s play area. With a change in the function of space, your home will look different.

That’s how to renovate a house. Buying a house and turning it into a new one can be an alternative for you to have your dream home. Make sure you have a good calculation so that the renovation runs smoothly and costs do not swell. If costs still hinder you, you can make a priority scale and renovate regularly. Do not hesitate to change the function of a room if it is necessary.

Now you understand how to renovate a house. Easy, right? From this article, you are advised to take every step given to be able to produce a houses with the best appearance according to your dreams.