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Before Renting a House, Check Out These Easy Tips!

Renting a HouseRenting a house is usually done to get passive income or a promising investment option. Most people deliberately buy property or housing which is then rented out with regular payments such as monthly or yearly.

But it turns out, several things must be considered before you rent a house, you know. What are those? Check out these easy tips before renting a house!

Checking the Condition of the House

The most basic way to do before you rent a house is to check the condition of the house internally and externally.

You can pay attention to various rooms that are frequently visited and look like the walls, roof, ceiling, terrace of the house to the floor are in good condition.

If it is felt that the roof of the house is leaking, or the walls are damp, you can renovate or repair it first to provide convenience for the tenants.

Not to mention, you should also check the flow of water, and electricity to landfills that are in good condition.

Doing a little repair on the house, of course, will provide a comparison of rental rates that are significant and can be calculated.

Doing Marketing

The next house rental tip is to do marketing in several ways.

You can do marketing in a fast and effective way starting from word of mouth, and posting on social media to advertising your home on property sites through professional agents.

All these things you can do easily and quickly of course with the help of the internet and connection.

However, if you want a simpler way, you can publish using a sign in front of the house to be rented that reads “house for rent” and equipped with a telephone number that can be contacted.

This method is indeed effective but does not guarantee efficiency and speed.

Determining the Rental Price

The next house rental tip is to determine the rental price.

Before you rent a house, of course, determining the rental price is a tricky thing.

This is because determining the rental price must be based on the
market price and the condition of the house being offered.

In addition, in determining the rental price, you should survey the area and compare prices to get the best price.

If you have found several prospective tenants, you can make a selection of the price suitability that you have set.

Doing Administration

After you get a tenant, you should do the legal administration before the house rental agreement.

Be sure to create a black-and-white rental agreement that states the tenant and landlord are related and know each other’s identities.

The agreement letter must include the following:

  1. Identity in the Letter of Agreement
  2. Contract Period
  3. Agreed Price
  4. Extra Fee
  5. Payment Time

This is done so that both parties get legal protection on renting a House out of the property and avoid tenants running away without paying rent or other unwanted things.