Characteristics of Contemporary Buildings | Residential Inspiration

Buildings Houses with contemporary architectural styles have been made and are also in demand. Although sometimes this one style is also often misunderstood by many people. This contemporary buildings is a uniquely 21st-century architectural masterpiece and can adapt to current trends.

If you see several houses or buildings that apply this style, it will be different.

Because indeed buildings like this do not have a ‘grip’, but there are still some characteristics.

One example of buildings that use this architectural style is the Opera House in Sydney, Australia, or The Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi. Some even consider building contemporary buildings an interesting challenge for designers.

Because the shape of this building is usually unconventional and also adapts a lot of the latest technology and unique building materials.

If you are interested in buying a house in a contemporary architectural style, it’s a good idea to first know the following characteristics.

There is an indentation (curved)

If you look at a contemporary building, there is bound to be a pattern of curved lines.

Usually, this can be seen on the outside of the building or house.

Of course, it is not always curved but usually has an unusual shape, because in buildings with conventional architectural styles the pattern is more in straight lines.

Uncommon Material

As mentioned earlier, usually this design style explores a lot of building materials.

Even these unusual materials are visible on the roof or walls.

For example, by using glass or metal to create the impression of being transparent and open.

Or also materials that can be categorized as new with environmentally friendly technology and so on.

Contemporary architecture has advantages in the use of materials, making the appearance of the building more unique and aesthetic but still dashing.

Blend with Environment

One more thing that is usually unique in contemporary buildings is the combination with the environment.

So don’t be weird if in some buildings like this there are shady gardens with plants.

Even the gardens have unusual locations.

Whether it’s on the roof of the building or allowed to spread on the exterior of the house.

It aims to add to the ergonomic character of the house, by uniting the building with its natural surroundings.

Windows and Natural Lighting

Take a look at some examples of houses inspired by contemporary buildings, there must be large windows.

This is also one of the characteristics of a contemporary home. Usually, there are one or two jumbo-sized windows.

Most often found in the main room or family room if the building is a residence.

This of course aims to provide more natural lighting.

It is also often adapted to various residential models because natural light is one indicator of a healthy home.

More Open Space

One more characteristic that is characteristic of contemporary buildings is that the building or house has interior spaces that are open and integrated.

This makes in contemporary architecture many structural modifications are found to allow a large open space, without being disturbed by the presence of a structure in the middle.

This also makes houses designed in this architectural style look more luxurious than ordinary houses.

Not to mention the attractive interior design, making this kind of house more comfortable to live in.

Neutral Colors

The next characteristic of contemporary buildings is colors that tend to be neutral.

Usually, contemporary buildings are dominated by white, black, gray, or beige colors, so that they seem modern.

Although several contemporary buildings use striking colors, the majority still use a neutral color palette, because it is easier to combine with various unique shapes.

Now, from the characteristics above, you know what a contemporary house or building looks like, right?

Growing House, Residential Solutions in Limited Land

HouseThe ideal house with a large size is one of the preferences of many people in building a dwelling. However, currently, the problem of limited land in residential development in big cities also influences the decision to own a private house.

That’s right, many people discourage their intention to own a house because the land is deemed inadequate.

Don’t worry, because developments in the world of architecture have provided solutions to these problems.

Growing houses can be the answer for those of you who want to build a dream house, even if on limited land.

This residential concept is also suitable to be applied to urban areas that tend to be dense. But still, prioritize the comfort of the dwelling itself.

But what is the concept of a growing house?

Growing houses are residential developments that are carried out in stages, and are often used as a solution for those of you who have limited land and funds.

Interested to try this one concept? Here are the things you should pay attention to before building or buying a grow house.

Design Carefully

The right and detailed design is the first step in establishing a growing house that suits your needs.

Also, take into account the amount of initial space and approximately how much more space can be added if you want to do renovations.

Discuss with the architect if designing a floor plan is difficult. Make sure your residential design allows it to be built as a grow house.

Create the Ideal Home

Ideal means that housing is feasible and healthy to be used as a place to live.

Growing houses are not only focused on the gradual development process but also prioritize the comfort and function of the dwelling itself.

Make sure the design goes well and consider other aspects. Such as optimal lighting, good air circulation, and also proper use of space.

This is useful for creating a healthier and ideal home atmosphere.

Using compact and practical furniture can also make the room look more spacious and comfortable.

Furniture with a minimalist style can also be the right choice for the concept of a growing house because it can give a modern impression but remains simple and sleek.

Build Gradually

A growing house is a house that can be built in stages according to the needs and desires of the owner.

This concept will certainly benefit homeowners because the residential development process can be more flexible and adapt to financial conditions.

Keep in mind that the gradual development process does not mean the house is occupied in a semi-finished or unfinished state, yes!

As previously explained, the designs that are carried tend to be flexible so that they can adapt to future desires and needs.

Create Construction Schedule and Cost Breakdown

One of the important things when building a home grow is to do a precise and detailed schedule.

If the development is delayed, the costs incurred will be much more.

Construction must be structured and timely. But don’t rush it because it can affect the quality of the building itself.

Not only the schedule, but you also have to take into account the costs incurred in detail. This is to prevent the development process from being disrupted.

Unlike ordinary houses, growing houses are built over a long period.

So you also have to take into account the increase in the price of building materials caused by inflation, as well as other factors.

Development Can Be Horizontal or Vertical

Growing houses is a tricky concept, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to implement.

This residential concept provides convenience. Specially if you are constrained by cost and land issues.

Not only build horizontally or sideways. If the land is deemed inadequate, then you can certainly do development vertically or grow upwards.

Make sure you determine the direction of building expansion according to the actual conditions of the land and also the needs.

Involved in Every Development Process

If you want to use the concept of a growing house. Then you must be directly involved with the residential planning process from the start.

Prepare well starting by considering the land area. The right building structure, and making the priority of the room to be built first.

Make sure the dwelling you build has a long-term orientation so that the building can be more easily changed. This is useful for anticipating any future needs.

As already mentioned, if it’s difficult you can use the services of a consultant or architect to help with every planning and development process.

You can also easily convey and describe wants and needs in the design.

Do Supervision

If you have done careful planning in terms of costs, building structures, and other things, then your task does not end here.

Supervision, while housing is being …

Get to know the Sunrise Property and Sunset Property Areas

propertyBuying a good property is indeed difficult, especially for the asset business. Strategic location is one of the main criteria for finding a high investment value.

Currently, there are many residential options to choose from, ranging from superblock areas, and mixed-use, to the TOD area which is quite popular.

Superblocks and mixed-use are better known for their high-end facilities that can provide one-stop living, while TOD focuses more on optimizing transit areas.

But roughly, are there areas outside the metropolitan city that are still developing but have promising capital gains in the future?

This article will discuss an area that has potential value and will continue to grow. namely the sunrise property and the opposite area, the sunset property.

Come on, just look at the explanation below!

Sunrise Property Area 

As the name suggests, sunrise property refers to certain areas that have bright asset investment potential and can generate profits quickly.

This is because the sunrise property area has a high growth rate of asset prices and remains stable.

Generally, you can take advantage within about 5 years after buying a residence in the sunrise property area of ​​Indonesia.

How? Quite potential, right?

Now, you must be wondering, whether the area in your target list is included in the sunrise property category or not.

Next, let’s discuss some of the main characteristics of the sunrise property area below.

Features of Sunrise Property

Located in the Capital City’s Buffer Area 

Sunrise properties are generally located in suburban areas or satellite cities that support capital cities or big cities.

This is because the development process is still inaccessible in the area, thus making it continue to grow rapidly.

In addition to being a residential area, this area is also often used as a new business and economic center by prioritizing superior facilities.

Stable Area

In the previous point, it was explained that the new sunrise property is in the city’s buffer zone. Uniquely, there is also an “old” area that can become a  great asset.

One of the conditions is the presence of good and proper infrastructure access. As well as the completeness of social and public facilities in it.

In addition, the economic condition must also be stable and there is a possibility to continue to develop.

There, many properties have been converted. Such as houses that have been converted into shophouses.

Rapid Infrastructure Development

The most easily recognizable feature in choosing an  Indonesian sunrise property area is the rapid development of infrastructure.

These developments can be in the form of toll roads, railways, and other important arterial roads.

Not only one, but there will also be many new types of infrastructure that will be built in the asset area.

Having easy access to roads and transportation. Of course, many people will buy and invest in the area.

Property Prices Continue to rise

The increase in asset prices due to high demand for housing and land makes investing in land or asset in an area a promising choice.

The sunrise property area also has this advantage, where asset prices can increase by around 15-20% or more every year.

Advantages And Ways for Starting a Property Business from Zero

Property Lately, many young people are interested in starting a property business because they are considered to have lucrative opportunities as well as profits.

The property business is indeed a shining business sector, considering that many people are looking for property every day. Therefore, this business is very potential, including for beginners.

Maybe there are still people who have the wrong idea, by starting a property business we have to buy or build property first so that it can be rented or sold.

You can easily become a property agent, then offer existing properties by placing an ad on a home buying and selling site.

In this article, we will discuss how to start a property business from zero capital to tips.

But before that, let’s look at some of the advantages of the property business below!

Property Business Advantage

Property Selling Value Always Rises

The advantage of choosing a property business is that it has a selling value that tends to rise.

Property prices are always rising because the need and supply tend to be out of balance with the availability of land.

In addition, the asset is an asset that will not be eroded by inflation. Because the asset is not in the form of money.

Can be used as an asset

The advantage of running a property business, you don’t need to be afraid if the price is falling.

That is, the fall in prices will certainly be followed by large market demand.

So that prices will return to normal, even useful if used as future assets.

Even when you buy your first asset, it can already be used as an asset and a promising investment instrument.

Low Risk of Loss

Property is often claimed as an asset with low losses because the price tends to be stable compared to other investment instruments.

Now, after discussing the advantages of the asset business. Here’s how to start a property business that could be your information.

How to Start a Property Business from Scratch

Sufficient Capital

Even if you don’t become a property owner, you still need a lot of capital. Therefore, prepare a sufficient budget and adjust it to the business you want to do.

For example, when you want to start an apartment business, of course, you have to prepare enough costs to buy, maintain, and promote it.

Do Market Research

The first thing you should do is market research, this is useful to find out the types of properties that are most sought after by consumers.

You also have to make a classification based on price, infrastructure facilities, and property location, which are very influential in renting or buying and selling.

Take Training

As a beginner, there must be a lot of ignorance about the realm of assets. So it’s a good idea to prepare yourself with qualified knowledge.

You can take online classes, social media, or training to start a property business. In addition to learning about building a business, you also understand the rules and applicable laws.

Start Business

If you feel you have enough capital after becoming a property agent. It’s time to start building your own business.

From the capital obtained, you can immediately start a property business based on the results of research that has been done.

You can also apply for credit to the bank to repay the asset. To be more profitable, also take advantage of the  KPR facility without a down payment provided by several banks, yes.

Activities such as renting an apartment, a boarding house business, or a rented house seem quite appropriate as a step to starting a business.

Maximizing Quality

Whatever form of business you choose, you must pay attention to the quality of the product itself.

Make sure you also invest some of the cost to make the dwelling or apartment livable.

It is even better if the property offered also has advantages. Such as qualified facilities or a strategic location.

Build Reputation

You can start creating your website by involving some friends or colleagues who are experts in their fields.

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can follow the tutorial on how to create a website from scratch.

After that, beautify the appearing websites appearanceding with a logo,  tagline, and articles.

On the website, you can set the placement of the asset on the homepage or separately in several subs.

Then add a photo with high resolution, and complete it with a description of the property including the price of the house and the location of the asset. So that consumers can easily read it.

Make sure the appearance of your website is user-friendly and easy to read, either on desktop or mobile.

Use the Right Media

Marketing properties only on asset sites is not enough. You also have to …

Tips to Prevent Keys From Being Lost In The Car

keysHave you ever experienced keys being left in your car? Leaving the key in the car is indeed a very trivial thing. But of course, this will be a very fatal thing if you do not bring the key or are far from the crowd.

Many factors cause the car keys to be left in the car, apart from the negligence of the car owner. Many things also cause the keys to be left in the car, one of which is due to habit.

So, to prevent missing keys in the following car, we will share the information with you. Tips for Preventing Lost Keys in the Car, read the following information:

Always Remove The Key When The Car Stops

The habit of not turning off the engine when the car stops will be very vulnerable to missing keys if this habit is done often.

Often people will pack their belongings that will be brought down without turning off the machine and some have turned off the machine but the key is still hanging this will be dangerous if you go out and close the door with a loud bang which of course will make the door locked automatically.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to make a habit of removing the key when the car stops. This will certainly reduce the risk of leaving the key in the car.

Get Used to Car Door Locks With Keys

Certain types of cars are equipped with remote control. This is one of the most widely used features to lock the car easily.

But you need to remember, of course, that people also often experience forgetting. That’s why to avoid forgetting, it’s a good idea to always lock the car with a key.

The habit of locking the car with a key will certainly reduce the risk of leaving the key in the car. But you should also make a habit of pulling out the key before going out.

Do Open The Car Door Correctly

This is a habit that is often done by people, either because they are in a hurry or because people usually open the car door when it is locked by pulling the lock lever or locking knob.

Indirectly this can certainly make the locking system damaged. The locking system will be more sensitive and easy to lock automatically.

This of course will be very risky if the person is a forgetful person who of course will easily experience missing keys in the car.

Bring Spare Key

The next thing you can do is to bring a spare key. This spare key is very useful for those of you who are forgetful.

You can take the spare key in a safe place, for example on the exterior of your vehicle, to make sure that no one knows about it.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Locksmith

Professional LocksmithChoosing a professional locksmith who will be invited to work together to overcome broken car keys, stuck car keys, broken car keys, left car keys in the car, lost cupboard keys, broken cupboard keys, and so on is indeed very difficult. 

Because even though there are many locksmith services available, of course not all key services can provide professional, best, and can provide satisfactory service.

For this reason, here we will share information with you on tips on choosing a professional locksmith so that you can be served well. Check out the following information for tips on choosing a professional locksmith:

Choose a Trusted Locksmith

Choosing a locksmith, of course, is not easy, because currently there are various locksmith services located in cities and even remote villages. 

You as a locksmith service user, I should be observant in choosing an expert locksmith. As much as possible, choose the services of a trusted locksmith. For example, you can ask for the opinion of relatives or friends, this is done to prevent unwanted things. 

It’s also best for you not to bring a locksmith to the house. Especially to repair house keys unless they are trusted. This method may be the most effective way to create duplicate keysHowever, this method can also easily invite criminals.

Choose Locksmiths Who Are Locksmiths

Choosing a locksmith who is already trusted is certainly not enough. Because you also have to pay attention to the abilities of the locksmith. 

Make sure you choose a locksmith who is truly a locksmith and has handled many duplicate key creations so that your lock problem can be resolved quickly without waiting a long time. 

In addition, ask them for a guarantee so that later when the key is successfully made but does not match what you ordered. One day it can be replaced or remade according to your wishes.

Ask Their Experience And Insights

If you’ve asked your close friends or relatives for opinions but they don’t know the services of a trusted locksmith. You can look for locksmith services in the media. If you’ve found the right locksmith services, you can ask about their experience in making duplicate keys. 

They already have a certificate or not. Because some people claim to have experience in making duplicate keys but don’t have a certificate yet. This is of course related to the results of the duplicate keys that you need, of course, if they are handled by people as long as the results are not satisfactory.

Some of the Tips for Choosing a Professional Locksmith are above, of course. You can pay attention to them before you use a locksmith. But you don’t need to worry, if you are looking for duplicate key creation services, leave your business to us. 

Get to Know The Concept Of an Energy Efficient House Facade

House FacadeIn the world of architecture, the house facade of a house is one of the most important areas of a dwelling.

The design and design of the facade of the building will form the first impression when people from the outside see your residence.

The facade even has historical value in some buildings, so the government has set certain rules regarding it.

The goal is to limit and prohibit any changes to the facades. To maintain the architectural style of the original building.

Examples of buildings whose facades have historical value include the Bletchley Park Museum and ancient buildings in Italy, which have Mediterranean-style facades.

Do you know of any other buildings whose facades have historical value? Or, are you still confused by the term facade itself?

The word facade is rarely used in everyday life, except by professionals in the field.

Definition of House Facade

Did you know, the word facade comes from the French, namely facade? Meanwhile,  the facade itself comes from the Italian word fascia.

The facade was then absorbed by several languages. For example in English, where the word  facade  becomes  face  which means “face.”

Meanwhile, another word for face is appearance, which can also be interpreted as “appearance” in Indonesian.

Therefore, briefly, the term facade refers to the front view or face of the house itself. The Visual Dictionary of Architecture also has its definition of the word facade.

A facade means part of the front of a building that can determine architectural style and characteristics.

In other words, the character or characteristics of a house or other building can be guessed from the shape of the facade.

For example, in the Asian region, minimalist house facade designs usually have a characteristic in the form of a roof equipped with a trellis.

According to an architect named Rob Krier, the composition of the facade must also consider functional requirements.

Krier (1998) also describes the important components of a facade as a whole.

So, what are these components? Please see the answer in the description below.

5 Main Components of a Facade 

It has been mentioned, that the composition of the facade must consider functional requirements such as windows, doors, and sun protection, on the roof.

If you are looking for an image of a minimalist house facade or facades in general, visually the composition includes geometric shapes (lines, sides, angles, and planes), textures, and void fields.

Well,  in this case, the facade must have a design, functional requirements, and visual composition with good proportions.


When it comes to doors, this component consists of a gate or entrance and an entrance.

This one component functions to regulate the flow of people in and out of the building.

It also serves to show the transition of public and private parts, the defense, and the character of the building’s occupants.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the colors on the door of the house are usually harmonized with the paint color on the facade.


As is known, the window can be interpreted as a hole in the wall that is covered.

The window serves as a path for air circulation, a place for sunlight to enter, and an area to see the view outside the house.

The shapes of these components vary, including triangles, squares, and circles, and some are even irregular.

To save energy during the day, optimize the use of windows so that the room looks bright without lights.

But don’t be too dazzled, keep an eye on the number and size of the windows used.


Walls are solid structures that limit and protect an area and support other structures in a building.

When it comes to the facade, this one component aims to separate the interior and exterior of the house.

Structurally there are three types of house walls, namely building walls, boundary walls, and retaining walls.


For most ordinary people, the term ejection may be quite foreign to the ear.

The eaves are additional roof extensions that protrude beyond the walls and are made separately from the main roof.

Known as an extension of the roof at the top of the building. The eaves themselves serve as protection for the house from the sun and rain.

Sun Shading

Just like eaves,  sun shading is an important component of a facade that is less well known by laymen.

With the sun shading component. It is hoped that the effect of glare can be minimized.

Based on the theory, there are three ways to put sun shading on the facade, namely vertical,  horizontal, and egg crate shading.

This section is also suitable to be applied to modern homes, where the use of color must also be adjusted to the overall appearance of the facade.