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Get to know the Sunrise Property and Sunset Property Areas

propertyBuying a good property is indeed difficult, especially for the asset business. Strategic location is one of the main criteria for finding a high investment value.

Currently, there are many residential options to choose from, ranging from superblock areas, and mixed-use, to the TOD area which is quite popular.

Superblocks and mixed-use are better known for their high-end facilities that can provide one-stop living, while TOD focuses more on optimizing transit areas.

But roughly, are there areas outside the metropolitan city that are still developing but have promising capital gains in the future?

This article will discuss an area that has potential value and will continue to grow. namely the sunrise property and the opposite area, the sunset property.

Come on, just look at the explanation below!

Sunrise Property Area 

As the name suggests, sunrise property refers to certain areas that have bright asset investment potential and can generate profits quickly.

This is because the sunrise property area has a high growth rate of asset prices and remains stable.

Generally, you can take advantage within about 5 years after buying a residence in the sunrise property area of ​​Indonesia.

How? Quite potential, right?

Now, you must be wondering, whether the area in your target list is included in the sunrise property category or not.

Next, let’s discuss some of the main characteristics of the sunrise property area below.

Features of Sunrise Property

Located in the Capital City’s Buffer Area 

Sunrise properties are generally located in suburban areas or satellite cities that support capital cities or big cities.

This is because the development process is still inaccessible in the area, thus making it continue to grow rapidly.

In addition to being a residential area, this area is also often used as a new business and economic center by prioritizing superior facilities.

Stable Area

In the previous point, it was explained that the new sunrise property is in the city’s buffer zone. Uniquely, there is also an “old” area that can become a  great asset.

One of the conditions is the presence of good and proper infrastructure access. As well as the completeness of social and public facilities in it.

In addition, the economic condition must also be stable and there is a possibility to continue to develop.

There, many properties have been converted. Such as houses that have been converted into shophouses.

Rapid Infrastructure Development

The most easily recognizable feature in choosing an  Indonesian sunrise property area is the rapid development of infrastructure.

These developments can be in the form of toll roads, railways, and other important arterial roads.

Not only one, but there will also be many new types of infrastructure that will be built in the asset area.

Having easy access to roads and transportation. Of course, many people will buy and invest in the area.

Property Prices Continue to rise

The increase in asset prices due to high demand for housing and land makes investing in land or asset in an area a promising choice.

The sunrise property area also has this advantage, where asset prices can increase by around 15-20% or more every year.